Public Safety

  • Supported repealing SB 91 to hold offenders accountable
  • Voted for increased tools to respond to theft and drug trafficking
  • Successfully fought to end “catch and release”
  • Championed increased protections and restitution for victims of crime

Economic Growth

  • Opposed punitive industry tax hikes and job killing overregulation
  • Supports small business growth and economic diversification
  • Passed legislation to reduce government red tape
  • Supported legislation to make good on the state’s tax credit liability to businesses and get Alaskans back to work
  • Voted against an overly complicated and harmful income tax

Reduce Spending

  • Advocated for hundreds of millions in smart reductions to state spending
  • Supports a stronger state spending cap
  • Supported legislation to limit the amount that can be taken from Permanent Fund, capping government spending and allowing the Fund to benefit future generations
  • Participated in a taskforce to improve delivery of education without growing the budget